Toby Sims

Web Developer

Hi, I'm Toby. Web Developer, Ruby on Rails fan and admirer of good design.

So what's my journey been like so far? Well through the brilliant Escape the City I found General Assembly.

General Assembly

I was lucky enough to be accepted on their awesome:
Web Development Immersive
course where I spent all day, every day learning a full stack of web technologies from Ruby on Rails to Javascript frameworks. You can have a play with some of my projects from the course here:
The Beer Compass - Find your nearest pub in London
The Arthouse - A simple Gallery and thumbnail app.

As I have thick skin, you are more than welcome to poke about in some work in progress stuff / stuff that doesn't work yet:
The Tech List

Still working on the login, this was an excercise in dragging and dropping events from the Meetup API onto a list that was persisted in a database - since deploying there have been some issues!

Hackday The Binary Choice

A couple of hours with a few friends at the end of the General Assembly course, we were looking to make a simple 'let other people make the decision for you' app. Two choices displayed that can be voted on by anyone! Teaching ourselves Ember.js as we went along was fun but probably not wise... Hence, err, limited functionality.

Currently I'm working for Pearson at Plug and Play. I'm always interested to hear about opportunties to work with great people, expand my skills and make things happen. Please feel free to get in touch via Twitter or poke around in my code on Github via the links below.